Universal Supersession


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"Universal Supersession's" New World production convinces by mixing eastern, western European, as well as African and American culture without cutting down either one of them.
Hit materil like : New world, We burn , love to love her
Wonderful Ballads: Hold on to you, Nursoman
Dancefloor greats like: Diawall, Floating 5th
Drum'n Bass, Live sessions or pure A-capella versions transmute the CD into an listening experience of another kind.
You climb on the bus, close the door, start up the engine ...and the journey begins. Loaded with acid Jazz, drum and Bass, ancient African melodies and rhythms, european classical music, some phat funk, soul and hip hop, it takes you on a 74 minute journey around the "New World".
You'll hear lots of different languages. Malinke, Polish, Sanscrit, French, Arabic or just pure "scat-singing". Even though some are foreign, you can easily understand , what they are conveying.
Funky, Jazzy grooves, sometimes fast and then slow and distinct. African drum's with awesome drumloops. Definitely a find for any sophisticated DJ.
Phat basses lay the foundation for, 1 trumpet, 2 guitars,African harps ((N'Goni and Kora), turkish saz, synth and classical guitar and sometimes a full horn section on the left while you'll hear a heavy metal band on the right.The CD is sometimes mixed with a lot of stereo effects and yet there are parts tha are dead dry and it sounds like you are directly in the audience or on the bus. In betweeen a romantic soul ballad and a raging rock song the bus stops at the most modern border check point in europe ( Goerlitz) and is being searched from top to bottom. The CD end with a live recording that was tqaped with just one microphone. This CD lets you feel the heartbeat of our society and especially of the band!


recorded: Edycia Paulinska Czestochowa-Jasna Gora by Andrzej, Studio SW by Flo Schmidt

mixed: Soundhouse Studio Bamberg by Jochen Baumüller

mastered: Tonstudio Wüstenzell by Ferdl Förster

Album Cover: Peter Leutsch Fotostudio by Flo Schmidt

                                                                                                                                    MUSIKER die bisher bei UNIVERSAL SUPERSESSION spielten


Abdelmajid Domnati Gimbri Abdullah Harrouch/Marrokko Vocals, Metall-Kastagnetten, die Qraquaba

Reggie Worthy/USA Vocals, Bass

Lutz Oldemeier/D  Drums

Asiz Kuyateh/Gambia Vocals, Percussion, Kora (afrikanische Harfe 23-saitig)

Kerry L. Dooley/USA Vocals

Barri Sangare/Mali Vocals, Percussion, N`Goni (afrikanische Harfe 12-saitig)

Steffen Meder/D Drums

Thore Benz/D Bass, Backing-Vocals

Matt Schaeffer/USA Bass, Backing-Vocals

Antoni Josef Ziut Gralak Polen, Vocals, Trumpet, Percussion

Dorotha Jablonska/Polen  Backing-Vocals

Marcus Grosser “Macumbo”/D  Drums

Alfonso Gumbs/ Aruba  Drums, Backing Vocals

Dwayne Cornelius, DC Phat-Cat/USA  Vocals, Percussion, Keyboard

Christoph Schmülling/D keyboard

Mike Turnbull/GB Perussion

Asiz Lamrani/Marrokko, keyboards

Chevalier Engelhard “Chevy”/USA  Rap

Aj Herel  -à> 6 Obertonsänger/Ulambatur Mongolei

Max Gruber /Sound Trucking Office